Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost there

Well I've gotten everything up on heres the link:

Waiting for the proof copy of the print version before it can be sold.

Print version has a different cover then the e-version. Once the print is up for sell at amazon, I'll switch out the e-versions for the print version cover, cause i think that one looks better.

Vampire dairies was off the chain tonight! If you're not watching that show then you should, cause it's awesome.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just finished

Well everything has been done for the print edition of forgotten future. Did a super re-edit of it as well. Plus, I finialy got done correctly formatting everything for smashwords, which was a fucking bitch. I think I did about eight hours of editing today, straight. Although, it didn't seem that long.

I just put on some pandora, started around 2:30 in the afternoon (got off work early, just to do the formatting) and when I was done it was after 12:30. Idc though, cause now that part is all done!

Eating and listening to real time with bill.

Plus Chris brown has like two remixes I like, deuces and some other joint with buster rhymes, who was straight murking the track.

Vampire dairies was solo off the chain! The curse of the sun and moon is fake! (that's right, spoilers bitches) I can't wait till this Thursday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Can't believe I forgot to add this:

Forgotten Future

Hot damn, the kindle version came out perfect! I am an official author now! Working on the print version now. Should be up and running this weekend. Next Monday at the latest! I'm extra happy now. Just gotta finish up with getting FF on all the other devices, get the print running, then try to get some online reviews. Then it's back to working on liquid diamond, my newest book. It's about one in the am, need to hit the sack

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, smashwords was uploaded about an hour ago. The formatting was horrible. Had to take it down. Makes me think I need to take down the kindle version as well. Kinda sucks, but I'll figure it out and try again. Won't be till next weekend, cause it's Monday and I'm back on schedule for writing the main seris. I think I'm going with: liquid diamond as the tittle.

Just got hella books on the iPad just now. From the godfather, to the vampire chronicles, and everything in-between. About thirty books in tottal. Like I have time to read all that goodness, but at least it's there.

Just finished the second episode of game of thrones. I love that show! Almost like camelot, but with less action and better writers. Although, Camelot is banging as well. Need to find something else to watch, eat, then hit the sack.

The que

Still in the smashwords que. Been in it all night, it's just maddening!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Done, I guess...

Everything is uploaded where it should be for all e-readers. Forgotten Future is on it's way. Only took me all day to get it right. Hopefully it's done correctly. Will more then likely have the paperback out next month. Just finished eating, watching castle and just feeling good. I really need to shave though...


Okay, so the kindle version is kicking my ass. Can only wait for it to be kicked back for the other versions...

Forgotten Future

Well, I just tried to publish the anthology book, im in the que, at like, 3211. Doubt it will go through, but when it gets kicked back, I'll know what's wrong with it. Forgot to add a bio page and where to locate me at, via twitter, blogspot, ect. Have to fix it later. Listening to real time with bill. Pretty banging.
Finialy eating. Hooked the iPad back up from being stuck in restore mode almost as long as it's worked. Created a pretty decent cover for the anthology seris. Going to be calling that book Forgotten Future. Catchy huh? Lol
Okay, well this is the second post. The first got erased somehow. It's about 3:30 am, bout to eat some dinner. Got the new computer up and running. Going to try and publish the anthology book this weekend. I feel like I need something published. Haven't figured out the name just yet and I'm going to do the cover myself this one time, just to see if I can. Its just some short stories, but the stories are well written and all pretty much take place in the normal seris, which I haven't really come up with a name for as well.

Will hit you back up with more info 2morrow!