Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just finished

Well everything has been done for the print edition of forgotten future. Did a super re-edit of it as well. Plus, I finialy got done correctly formatting everything for smashwords, which was a fucking bitch. I think I did about eight hours of editing today, straight. Although, it didn't seem that long.

I just put on some pandora, started around 2:30 in the afternoon (got off work early, just to do the formatting) and when I was done it was after 12:30. Idc though, cause now that part is all done!

Eating and listening to real time with bill.

Plus Chris brown has like two remixes I like, deuces and some other joint with buster rhymes, who was straight murking the track.

Vampire dairies was solo off the chain! The curse of the sun and moon is fake! (that's right, spoilers bitches) I can't wait till this Thursday.

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