Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, smashwords was uploaded about an hour ago. The formatting was horrible. Had to take it down. Makes me think I need to take down the kindle version as well. Kinda sucks, but I'll figure it out and try again. Won't be till next weekend, cause it's Monday and I'm back on schedule for writing the main seris. I think I'm going with: liquid diamond as the tittle.

Just got hella books on the iPad just now. From the godfather, to the vampire chronicles, and everything in-between. About thirty books in tottal. Like I have time to read all that goodness, but at least it's there.

Just finished the second episode of game of thrones. I love that show! Almost like camelot, but with less action and better writers. Although, Camelot is banging as well. Need to find something else to watch, eat, then hit the sack.

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