Sunday, May 15, 2011

80's party

Went to an 80's themed party last night! It was AMAZING! Of course I didn't dress up, cause that's just how I roll, but I did get to judge the costumes. Had so much fun with so many people! Got waaay to panda during the night. AND literally got pulled OFF the dance floor by this hot chick, who pulled me outside and then proceeded to Jehovah witness my ass. I'm like WTF? I thought you was trying to holla!!!! I'm so not panda enough for this!

Plus, I ordered a long island ice tea at the bar and the bartender literally give me this funny look, pulled out a book on how to make mixed drinks and proceeded to read!

Idk what he gave me, but it sure as hell wasn't a long island! It was stronger then a mofo so it was all good!

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