Sunday, May 8, 2011

Forgotten Future update

Okay, so I finished all the madness with the print proof. Did another round of editing on the book, just posted that to Smashwords and on amazon. I'm happy with the book so far, editing wise I mean, I feel it's good to go know.

Just waiting for the updates to take effect. Since I update on Smashwords, I've got to resubmit to the premium catalog all over a again. =[ I'm never gonna get in the iBook at this rate. Eh...just need patience.

Changed the color of the print books pages from white to cream. Just wasn't feeling the white pages, they were hella bright for some reason.

No longer on the bestsellers list, but I'm thinking once the print version comes out I'll be back up there... Mad people are waiting on the print version.

Almost 1am, need to sleep and get ready to go to work 2morrow.


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