Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unpublished 1st Interview

Welcome to the blog, Rashaad! Could you tell us a little bit about your book?

Thank you for allowing me this most prodigious of opportunities, may the Immortal beauty of the Goddess Aphrodite, bless you're generosity.

My fledgling novel: Forgotten Future is an exploratory narrative into the rudimentary psyche of society as a whole. What is it that drives homo sapiens as a cognitive species, into the blackness of the abyss, only to speak exploratory conscience, riddled by factual, elicit text of the twelfth dimension, transcribed into machina code, for you're virtual, cortex - ingestion - driven consumption.

What led you to write this book?

The realization, that the Bleed between moments, the space between spaces, the Dark of the Black where Omega realities birth themselves into Liquid Diamond Nightmares, right into the Shadows of the Stolen Unicorn, hyper-extending themselves into the central nervous system of an electrical, quasi-quantum - artificial, carnivorus electron....

At that moment, I had to act.

Vampires have become quite popular lately. How did you make vampire lore your own?
I cannot boast lightly, for the lives that speak the Tongue of the NeverNever, they whisper their daymares in the genetic nuclei code of the first afterthought, after the third deja vu cohesion, transferring they're third eye witness into something my fourth consciences can manifest.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Transdimensinal, Temporal activity is not to be spoken of, it is forbidden due to Premediated Pardox Law: 28epsilon PointNecro-Charlie...

What is your best advice on writing?

When a Dream, dreams a dream of itself dreaming, is it still a Dream? Or would that be considered a Nightmare? Or have we only come full circle, back to the beginning, only to begin to Dream again?

Thanks so much for stopping by, Rashaad!


I am reverse birthing my newest breed of literary, The Vampire Manifesto, my the Gods bare witness to it's truths...

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  1. I may have been just a tad to much for my interviewers patience.