Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drunk filled rant I posted to kindle boards today!

So I've kinda noticed that you guys and gals have a pretty much tight community going on here. So instead of just jumping into to topics and being deemed the "new guy" like I've been doing, I figured it would be better to introduce myself to this thriving community.

My name is Rashaad Bell. I was born in NY, though I'm an army brat so I was kinda raised all up and down the east coast, from Fort Bragg, to Delaware.

I consider myself from Baltimore, since that's where I grew into "manhood". I joined the marines right out of high school and was stationed at Camp Johnson, North Carolina, Camp Pendleton, California, Okinawa, Japan and 29 Palms, California.

After that I moved to Oakland, California, back when it was the murder capital of the United States, then I settled down in Palm Coast, Florida. (which is where all my books are set)

When I was in Cali, I used to rap in a group, Universal Soldiers. I used to go to Mexico a lot and do lots of free style battles. We called ourselves Universal Soldiers because everyone that was in our group was from Baltimore, we all had lived in Japan and done rap shows there and we all ended up in Oceanside, California. That was the city right outside of Camp Pendelton.

I've been writting in some form, all my life, from doing our own comics in elementary school, to me starting to write my first books after I read Lord of the Rings in middle school. Not to mention all the rhymes I used to write and the freestyle battles I used to do. Nothing is harder then having an east coast flow and battling bloods and crips in the middle of Los Angles and win, walk away with respect and not get shot.

I came across Konraths blog and heard about Amanda Hocking making a gazillion dollars and decided to get off my butt and write something. I self published Forgotten Future last year, a collection of short stories that I had written. Honestly, those stories are kinda bugged out because during my suicidal phase, I would buy lots of weed, then go to this old cemetery, it had people buried there from the 1800's, and I would sit underneath this giant statue of an angel on this dudes grave and smoke weed and read H.P. lovecraft and write short stories high out my mind.

Ahh...the good old days.

Then I moved to Palm Coast, Florida and wrote the Vampire Manifesto and it's sequel, Fledgling. Not cause I wanted to, but I got laid off from my job doing customer service for magizine subscriptions, cause who has a magizine subscription these days. So in a hate fueled rage, I wrote Vampire Manifesto. Then when a women I was madly in love with basically told me I wasn't good enough for her, I wrote the sequel, Fledgling. (who needs you I'm gonna be famous!!! Lol or at least I thought)

I didn't really make any money, but I was just proud to have written a book. I found out that a lot of my "friends" were hating on me because, I'm Rashaad, I can't possibly be an author. I can't possibly do something that they couldn't do.

Well I am! How you like me now!

I usually use hate and depression to write, but this month I received my first fan mail. Now I'm writting because I honestly have someone who doesn't know me waiting for my next book. Like I said, I didn't make a lot of money from my books, and I still don't, but now, when I get a direct deposit from amazon, it's enough to pay the water bill, or enough to pay the electric bill or buy a video game I couldn't afford, so to me it's a win-win.

So this is me. I have no public persona, though I guess I should, otherwise this would be an entirley different "intoduction" but I'd much rather give real talk then put on a facade. I really want to work in comics and I have a secret dream of having the Vampire Manifesto become a TV show.

My book is about Vampires, but not really. It's more like a story that just so happens to have Vampires in them. Most of my stuff is rated R. In my books, I murder, torture, curse, drop F bombs, have drug use, sex, deal with string theory, alternate dimensions  and have lots of Gods show up from every different culture.

I don't think there is a genre for what I write, but I have a story to tell and I don't care if people can't "label" it correctly.

So that's me. Hi! I've given you way to much info, but I'm drunk and don't wanna drunk text anyone, so I did this instead.  Lol.

I'm going to be here for a while, so get prepared....

Love to love to love ya...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I see you...

Okay, so even though there are no comments and no one subscribes, I know your there. I get stats and shit, so yeah, I know people are reading the blogs. So, here we go, fandom, I enlist your help. I can't figure out what to write next. I've got too many ideas and a serious a.d.d. problem. So I'm gonna list off all the ideas of what the new book should be and you guys and gals sound off in the comment section about wich one you'd rather read. I know your there! Do me a solid, and participate in some shit! 1)book 3 of the vampire manifesto series.. 2) a spin off of the vampire manifesto featuring a certain character from the series that you like. Give the name of the character and why you wanna read more.. 3) a gritty story about a bodyguard for a mexico mob. The person he is supposed to protect gets taken hostage and all hell breaks loose. Think max Payne 3 (video game) meets the movie man under fire. 4) the story of the last samurai, on a quest to kill the people that murdered his family. Of course it would have zombie nazis, abominable snowmen with Gatling guns for hands and cybernetic dragons with jet packs. Yup, crazy shit like that. 5) an investigative reporter looking into the murders caused by a new desingner drug and gets pulled into the night life of an underground sex club. Lots of sex in this one. 6) a fairy tale fantasy with the characters from snow white, the wizard of oz, Alice and wonderland and any other fucking fairy tales I can think of, but the tone is set to the game of thrones... Okay, sound off in the comments. Whichever gets the most votes is what I'll write about. This is about you, the fans. I know you read this shit. I got the stats to prove it. What do you wanna read next from me?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Yup, that's pretty much it. I didn't drunk text anyone last night, soooooo, yay me!

Love life

So...I pretty much had a pregnant chick tell me that she would rather be a single mom then be with me or accept any help with the baby. The child isn't my kid, mind you, but apparently I'm so repulsive that doing it on her own is preferable then help from me. Hey, who am I to judge? Maybe I'm that much of a douche bag that mothers warn their unborn young about me. Nevermind mind the fact that hey, sure I'll go to doctors appointments. Sure I'll help you change diapers. Sure I'll hold your hair while your throwing up from morning sickness. But hey, I'm the dick. I'm just not pretty enough. You pretty motherfuckers in the world, hey, fuck you. The new book is still coming. I maybe a lowlife loser that nobody respects but I will publish that next book. As of right now, it's the only thing that's real in my life.