Thursday, December 20, 2012

New character revel...

So I'm ass deep in book three of the vampire manifesto and I just created:

 *attention this is a motherfucking spoiler warning bitches*

No other then Connors daughter!

I just wrote the page where she is introduced today! Her name is Josephine Gabrielle. She'll be a major character in the book. There is a slight riverly between Amber Rose and Josephine as they both vie for Connors attention, albeit for different reasons.

Was talking to my muse today and Josephine's origin on why she is the way she is just popped into my mind out the blue.

That's why she's my muse... unfortunately.

Anyway, book three is gonna be kick ass, but don't expect any hand holding in this one. It's just a straight dump into a complex story that's already in progress and you have to play catch up.

Some of you will love it, most will hate it.

Oh...I most definitely jump the shark in this bitch and I'm loving it!

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