Friday, December 14, 2012

Real talk

Hi, I'm rashaad bell. I'm the author of the vampire manifesto series, forgotten future anthology and alphabetical genocide. I'm typing this on my iPad, so if it auto capitalizes shit and spell checks shit then great, if not, then fuck it.

I am not a writer. I suck at spelling, can't create a proper sentence worth a damn, first person present, first person past tense, wtf is that shit?

Eh...fuck it.

I'm a storyteller. I have awesome stories to tell, so sit back and shut the fuck up and stop getting caught up in the cgi of the writing.

I work a shitty job, I'm in love with a woman who couldn't give a fuck and I don't have a cell phone. Well I have a cell, but I just haven't turned it back on cause people who call me can sometimes be annoying little dipshits, but if I don't pick up, then I'm the asshole.

I write books.

Yup, that's me. If your reading this, I'm guessing you've read one.

To everyone who has given me good reviews, thank you. To everyone who has given me bad reviews, thank you, I see the problems you point out and I'm working on it.

Everything I do, book wise, is just me. I can't afford good editing, because, hell, I get an eviction notice on my door every month cause I pay rent late.

So for everyone who keeps talking shit about how I need better editing, I hear you, I'm working on it. I just got some novel editing software and I'm going to try to clean that shit up.

I haven't been writing, but I've been plotting like a motherfucker. I pretty much have all of vampire manifesto book three plotted out and if I don't get stupid drunk tomorrow, I should be working on that.

I'm also plotting out three new series spinning out of the vampire manifesto.

Epsilon 9, which is gonna be an erotic thriller.
Girard, which is gonna chronicle what happened to that character after the book fledgling.
Plus a secret book that I can't talk about because it will spoil shit from book three of the vampire manifesto.

I love all my fans, thanks for the Facebook requests and emails you send.

I'm trying to get better and polish off my shit, but my life is fucking hectic and I'm hella broke all the fucking time, so bare with me.

Read some awesome shit and stop being a fucking grammar Nazi.

Or be a grammar Nazi because my shit isn't on point and honestly, whatever excuse I give on why it's not, doesn't really fucking matter cause it should be on point. Yup, I know I'm fucking up.

But this is what I got, love it or leave it.

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