Thursday, February 7, 2013

The new book

Hello boys and girls, welcome to the Rashaad Bell show. Just giving the faithful fans, I know for a fact that there are a hand full of you out there, an update.

Yes, I've been talking about "the new book" for quite some time now, but nothing has come from it. I've been bouncing from idea to idea trying to find one that sticks. Well guess what people, one stuck.

So here's the deal. No longer working on vampire manifesto book three or agent 13. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to that. I had to really sit down and say to myself, "what the fuck is going on in this world I'm creating." I needed to outline some shit. 

So I did.

Modus Operandi is the new book. I know this now, because I've been plugging away at it daily and I've kinda reached the point of no return. It's the project I'm most interested in and it's the one where I've simply wrote to much shit to stop now.

This book is going to chronicle Staci Girard and how she came to be introduced to the clandestine organization of Modus Operandi. It's a prequel of sorts because it takes place years before book one of Vampire Manifesto. Your also gonna find out how she came into contact with the Defense Initiative and the reason on why she would want to help them arrest our boy Connor Prometheus.  (I love that motherfucker!)

Next up, after that is Morning Star. This is the story of the fallen angel himself and is gonna start at the moment of the Christ God being put up on the cross. I'm sure to piss Christians off with this book and that's perfectly fine with me.

Deal with it bitches.

Next is going to be a retelling of Jason and the Golden Fleece. This is going to have a futuristic, sci fi slant to it and is going to take place in the future.

After that is Vampire Manifesto book three. The tittle being: Prelude to the Temporal Cold War. Thats when shit is gonna start to pop the fuck off.

Just as a heads up, all my books exist in the same world. The reason that the next three books I've chosen to write is not at random. There is a method to my madness. This is all building up to a mega event entitled: The Temporal Cold War.

This crossover event is gonna include every book. Vampire Manifesto, Modus Operandi, Morning Star and the Jason and the Golden fleece book (haven't created that tittle yet)

There is a reason why the next three books take place in the past, the present and the future. It's not just cause its on some bullshit. I've got some massive shit prepared for you motherfuckers. I sat down and plotted this out.

 Yeah, it's gonna be awesome....

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