Friday, March 15, 2013

My muse

Sometimes when I look at you my heart stops beating.
That's what you are for me
A moment in time so complex that everything else can't seem to function correctly.
Memories of what will never be plague my thoughts
But it's the beauty of it all that drives me forward
Is it lust?
Is it love?
More like a combination of them both
It's the perfect fantasy colliding with absolute truth
But the truth of the matter can't be accepted
So more fantasies are created to cover up that fact
I love and hate it all at same time
When the truth bleeds through the fantasy it's nothing but agony
When the fantasies bleed through its orgasmic
Every once in a while they both overlap
In the end all I want is more
And I don't know why


  1. Strong words. They come together perfectly.

    1. It was about a woman I was/am in love with, that, honestly, doesn't care about me at all. Never make a person your muse, it never works out in the end.